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Multilingual Site for a Holiday Flat

A beachside rental flat in Southern Spain. Tailored to international clients with bespoke content in three languages. Simple in structure with some “beachy” visual touches.


Luxury Rental Property, Antigua

A newly built holiday home in Antigua. Aimed at the discerning customer, the website features stunning images presented in a variety of formats and effects to convey that “holiday feel” as well as displaying detailed information about the property and the area.


Drinks Stylist, London

Katherine Lunt is a creative and experienced drinks stylist with a beautiful portfolio ranging from appetising ales through to elegant cocktails. Her visual skills and passion for her subject are reflected in her work and echoed in an eye-catching and creative website.


Market Research Consultancy

The new website is designed to create attention and deliver the idea of creativity and “cutting through the noise” within the specialisms Ichor Consulting offers. I used curved shapes  throughout the site to harmonise with Ichor’s brand values.


Design & Construction

A large, well established design & construction firm with an impressive portfolio of high-end properties. The website not only beautifully showcases it’s projects but is also constantly updated to make sure visitors are informed about the latest developments.


PR Agency, Germany

Complete re-design and branding. Logo design, fonts, shapes, colours and imagery are fused to convey the essential message of “lively dialogue” in this well established German PR & Communications firm. The custom made media centre enables the client to upload press releases.